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  • Two Beards in One!

    Hunter McCrory 17 yrs old Saturday April 21,2012
    The morning had really high winds, kind of cool temperature and misting rain. Not a great turkey hunting day. I sat down under a tree and started calling with a slate call. Immediately I heard a gobble. I could tell he was at least 100 yards away. I kept calling and he kept responding and getting closer. He came less than 7-8 yards from me. He strutted, spit and gobbled for a few minutes. I quit calling and got really still and he calmed down and thatís when I finally was able to get a shot. I called up and killed my First turkey and he had an added bonus...two beards! One measured 9 3/8', the other 9 1/2'.
    Congratulations you sure nailed a good one to start! Impressive.