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    I just found the MS sportsman forum. I have been over on LA sportsman for a few years and thought I would drop in over here as Gulfport is my home a majority of the time.
    After a divorce and many years of saving my pennies....I bit the bullet and ordered a Nauticstar 2110SE bay boat from Chad at Dockside during the boat show in Slidell a few weeks ago. The boat will not be ready until mid to late May so I have been using the down time to get all the necessary gear and reading up on regulations in the areas I hope to fish.

    My first trip chasing specks and reds was 2005 and I was forever ruined. I have sold most of my freshwater stuff (including a TR186 Triton) and converted to saltwater. I have fished Shellbeach, Hopedale and Golden Meadow with friends or a guide and am a little nervous about striking out on my own. I live in Hattiesburg but my girlfriend is from Gulfport. We hope to try and do some fishing in the Rigolets and Biloxi Marsh to start as they seems fairly close. Kinda ashamed to admit but I had no clue about the Biloxi marsh until yesterday when a helpful charter captain on LA sportsman suggested that as good place to start given my location.

    I had no idea this forum existed and think that being able to fish with some local folks would certainly shorten my learning curve on knowing where to go and much more importanly where not to go. I think my biggest fear is being stuck overnight on some sand bar I did not know was there.

    Hope to see some of yall on the water,

    Welcome to the Board Joe!
    I think you will be okay Bro. Just remember that just because it looks to be open water in the marsh, does not mean that it actually is. There are a number of places that can easily be multiple acres of water with only 1 foot or less in depth.
    Go easy and slow until you have scouted it out. And also, come winter, do not believe for a second that the depths will remain the same as summer. Those north winds truly make a difference in where you can safely travel when they begin pushing the water out.
    With that beauty of a boat that you have coming, you could easily make it to Chandeleur as well. I have travel coming up for work and will leaving for a month or so here shortly. But, keep in touch, upon my return I will be putting some miles on my boat and I am sure that we could meet up some time and you could follow me to a few places. Most of this summer will be spent out at Chandeleur (as the weather allows)...what an awesome place.

    Anyway........welcome aboard!
    ShooterChief, thanks for the welcome. I would really enjoy learning some of the local water. Be safe in your travels. I will drop you a note when I get everything lined up with the boat. Thank you very much for the offer to tag along.

    Welcome aboard. Glad you decided to stray on over here! This board doesn't (yet) get quite as much traffic but is just as friendly... actually more so.

    I haven't been to the Chandelier Islands since before Katrina. Glad to here it might still be good for something.

    Biloxi marsh is an awesome place to fish once you get to know it. But I like your thoughts on teaming up to start. Once you learn a few spots and patterns be sure to do a little exploring and not be scared to come up empty. Lots of honey holes if you will put in some time looking for them.
    shooter chief is right
    Do just go barrellin around the water will go from 5 ft to 5 in in seconds u can ask my wife i got us stuck bout 2 years ago in 100 degreee heT and had to wait til the tide came up at 10 that nighy u do not wanna b stuck like that i got the cold shoulder for days b careful welcome aboard ull see me here often this summer keep em poppin
    Took a long time but
    Well....I got her home last week late. I hope to have all the paperwork by Friday to get the MS sales tax paid, tag it, apply for Hull ID and be legal. I had a trip to Leeville but may have to put it off if I do not get my paperwork in order by Friday. Trying to add some pics, bare with me.
    Absolute;y gorgeous boat Bro!

    You are really going to enjoy her. Keep an eye on the weather and on your depth sounder and you will do just fine.

    Glad to see you finally got her.

    Tight lines!
    I made 3 trips in it this week. 4,5,6 I was in the Rigolets, Hopedale, and back to the Rigolets. Did not do a lot of catching but I learned a lot about the rig and got really frustrated with the Lowrance HDS, lol. I got it figured out and feel a lot more comfortable fishing and operating the boat. I did catch a nice Flounder. We cleaned and fried it along with a pound of shrimp and a few french fries this tasting (and most expensive) flounder I have ever had.:-)

    Hope to see some of you on the water.