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  • Chesapeake Pride!

    We have had a couple good hunts in the past several weeks. This particular morning was cloudy and heavy fog. I was a bit nervous because it was 65 degrees, and we hadn't seen the first duck until ten minutes after shooting light.
    I killed the first Woody Drake and loaded him on the tote. While doing so I noticed Rimfire staring and trembling overhead. At this point I realized that I was in for a pretty good hunt.
    At this point I began to work ducks and pick my shots; I fired a total of 8 and took home my first ever limit of mallards (3 drakes, 1 hen), and two woody drakes which was also my first limit of puddle ducks. We were done by 7:20 so I took a couple photos and went home for a nap.
    This was a good duck season
    Most of the season was great until the end of the season a very few ducks was killed but I had a good season and I filled my limit all season and that made me and the other duck hunters
    Yeah this season was backwards for most people. More ducks early and less ducks later on.