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  • Dog Hunters Gone Wild

    Homochitto National Forest update.

    The dog hunters are out and about. As usual showing a lack of respect for the law and property owners.
    I saw MDWF, US Forest service & Franklin county police having a discussion with two land owners and dog hunters. I think the dog guys skirted a ticket but caught the attention of everyone.

    The dog hunters in Franklin County, Jessie Holland in particular are their own worst enemy.
    Yes, the dog hunters around the Homochitto have run their dogs over the adjoining private land since forever, and there was nothing the landowners could do. The dog hunters were arrogant about that. Now there is accountability when their dogs get on private land, and they sure don't like that. Holland is the regional vice president of the Mississippi Hunting Dog Association. But he sure hasn't paid any attention to this part of that Association's code of ethics: 'We must never: Release dogs in a place or manner that can be expected to infringe on the rights of private property owners.'
    Claiborne dog hunters gone wild
    Just purchased land in claiborne,great hunting up until now,unethical use of dogs everywhere around me.Total lack of respect of private property.The dogs been running on my land for a week,not to mention them all hanging out on a public road with loaded rifles.It is like cancer for a landowner trying to manage for quality deer.Gamewarden said cant do anything about it ,I bet u a nasty lawyer can.
    Ms Dog Hunters
    It is really sad to know that there is still such prejudice against dog hunters. Not all dog hunters are bad people, nor do they just turn there dogs loose on private lands. Yes, there are some that do it and it is wrong, however, those of us who follow the code of ethics get stuck with a bad rep from those who do not put collars on there dogs nor put tracking devices on them and will just turn out anywhere. I can just about promise you that if you see a dog with a tracking collar then that hunter cares about the rules. If they did not care then he/she would not spend a small fortune on tracking devices. What some people fail to understand is, dog hunting is a way of life for some just as still hunting is. We spend money every month on our dogs, feeding them, housing them and any medical needs that arise and then we use them to hunt for a couple of months a year. We train them, they are part of our families, our children and grandchildren love to play with them and some, not all, but some still hunters will just shoot them. Just like some dog hunters are wrong, so are some still hunters. I agree there should be accountability, but it should be on both sides. If you see a hunter turning out on your land, yes, you have a right to be upset however, a deer knows no boundary lines, neither do the dogs. If a dog jumps a deer, it will leave with that deer. We are sorry if this happens across your land. It is not our intention to run a nice buck out of our hunt and into your field and your scope for you to harvest. Now please do not misunderstand, I still hunt as well so my feelings are not onesided when it comes to dogs. I just feel like all dog hunters are being lumped into one mold and as we all know, we should never judge a book by its cover. Instead of being negative, why not try to get to know the hunters around you and come to amicable solutions instead of constant mud slinging.
    Way of life
    Dog hunting is a way of life for you and some others. Enjoying my private property as I wish is a way of life for me and some others.

    I have absolutely no problem with people dog hunting on land they own, lease, or have permission to hunt with dogs. Years and years of trying to come to terms with the dog hunters on the Homochitto have shown that to be worthless -- I don't want to politely start another conversation that turns nasty, arrogant, and often includes veiled or not-so-veiled threats. If you can't turn out dogs without them getting on my property, that is not my problem. Find a bigger place to hunt, get slower dogs, post more cut-off people, or do whatever it takes.

    I agree it is totally wrong to shoot dogs and I would never do it.