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    From October to mid-November Venice Shrimp Boats bring action close in for angling opportunities of a lifetime. Shrimp boats are out day and night creating the largest chum slick on planet earth. This creates perfect opportunities for savvy anglers to catch record size fish right out from under the Gulf Shrimpers!

    As shrimpers drag the ocean bottom for shrimp they also trap smaller fish and crabs; this is called ‘by-catch’. Once the nets are hauled on board the fishermen separate the highly sought after “Ruby Red” shrimp from the “by-catch”. During the separation process the “by-catch’ is periodically pushed overboard and hungry Yellow Fin Tuna swarm into action.

    When I say by-catch; I’m talking about croaker, drum, white trout, eels, ribbon fish and all sorts of deep water crustaceans that I’ve never seen ! This is FANTASTIC bait for record size Yellow Fin Tuna.

    Chum Slicks
    Setting up in the shrimp boat’s chum slick puts anglers right in the middle of a feeding frenzy for record size Yellow Fin Tuna, ton’s of Black Fin Tuna and many other fish species. Fishing chum slicks in the wake of working shrimp boats can be somewhat specialized... so, it is important to book a charter with the proper experience.

    Shrimp boat captains can be quite vocal when an angler ventures too close to their nets. And an angler without the correct bait and tackle for the chum line fish may miss out on the catch of a lifetime!

    Make sure you bring a gun to a gun fight. Too often anglers bring smaller tackle and highly used line. The fish behind the Mighty Gulf Shrimpers are extremely powerful fish. There are only two times during the year when I bring out my 80 wides. One such time is during Blue Marlin Tournaments and the other is to catch Shrimp Boat “JUMBOZ”….

    When I’m fishing behind the shrimp boats my gear is as follows. Shimano 50wides/80wides spooled with 130lb Jerry Brown Hollow core finished with a LOOP to LOOP connection of 100lb or 130lb Yo-Zuri HD pink Fluorocarbon. I fish 50/80 Melton rods that are 5 ½ ft. in length. I have straightened out small hooks so make sure to use the 3x or 4x Mustad circle hooks in 8 or 9 ought.

    Good luck-

    Captain Mike Gray