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  • Finally our Bluewater is Bluewater

    Finally our Bluewater is Bluewater! 9-19-2011

    The WhipaSnapa Charter Boat, out of Biloxi, Ms., was accompanied by, Mr. Mickey LeFlore & 3 friends from Grenada, Ms. for a day/night of Bluewater fishing the 15th &16th of Sept.
    As we headed out the winds had the sea's kicked up pretty good. As we were getting a lil spray, an bumping around pretty good, before even making it out past the Barrier Islands. I stopped an debated with the crew on continuing. The young at heart crew decided lets go get'em! So that's just what we did. And for most of the day it seemed to be the right decision. The ride out was with the winds to our back, so was not to bad. An once tied to the rig really wasn't to bad either. Later in the day as we had just made it to the tuna grounds, I noticed a front (on the xm weather) coming at us from the north, could tell the isobars were fairly tight, so we really didn't stay to long. Some 100 miles out is not really the place to be for that. So we made a dash in some 25 miles. Good thing cause the 2' to 3' seas quickly started turning into like 6' to 8's then that's when we decided our decision to 'lets go get'em' may not have been the correct one!
    We hooked up on a rig that I knew had some nice Mangroves (to spend the night, an hopefully let front pass an seas to calm) an Bam Mangrove Madness. If you've never experienced Mangrove madness in pitch black well trust me its the reel deal. On the day the guys hooked and fought and cussed all the Amberjack they cared to do battle with. Some really nice ones at that. All over 40lb except one smaller we decided to keep for the lil better eat. They also hooked, fought and cussed all the beautiful huge red snapper they cared to throw back as well. The team enjoyed boating for take home, on the WhipaSnapa, a limit of Amberjack's, 20sh mangrove snapper, one reel nice grouper (that's legal now), several of the wenchman (white snapper), trigger, an king for a fine mess of great Gulf of Mexico tasty treats. The crew had their strings taught most of the day. Which made for a great day of Bluewater action.
    And Yes! it was actually Bluewater at the Bluewater. Thanks to some much needed east winds brought to us by TS Lee. The currents were nice and relaxed also and Hardtails were easily caught for bait. Dropping to the bottom was no problem either!!!
    Still some great fishing to be had. So Don't just sit around reading about all the great adventures aboard the WhipaSnapa. Come getcha some of the fun!!!!!

    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel
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