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  • A terrible story

    I had to go to my dentist's office today in Baton Rouge, and in referring me to an endodontist he told me that the one I've used before had died last week - and I couldn't believe what happened.

    Apparently Dr. Alan Sandifer was a big bow hunter, and was practicing in his backyard early last week.

    He drew back, and the riser slipped out of his left hand, shooting the bow back toward Dr. Sandifer.

    The cable guard apparently punctured his head, killing him.

    That was confirmed when I went to his practice to make an appointment with one of his partners.

    Just a terrible story! I know it was a freak accident, but be careful, guys!
    Better information
    I spoke with one of Dr. Sandifer's partners in more detail this morning while getting a tooth put back together, and found out more about the incident.

    Apparently, Dr. Sandifer had the bow in a press at full draw, and was tinkering with it.

    He had his head inside the string - and for some reason the bow came out of the press.

    Dr. Sandifer's head was caught between the string and the cable guard, killing him.

    Guys, let's be careful when we're working on our equipment. Scary stuff!
    Awful story, thats a terrible story and youre right, it dont take much and we all need to be careful. Will keep his family in my prayers.