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  • had a real treat

    went out sat morning with the crew from the charter boat skipper he brought us out to the islands and we hooked up on the first pass with a 5 or 6 in spoon trollling all around the islands and the reds were thick we picked up 5 big reds between 18 to 22 lbs and 15 spanish mackerel had a good time out there for a 6 hour trip got plenty of meat for a fish fry comin up first of oct. got plenny o sun and plenny adult beverages haha but anyway heres some pics
    Looks like ya'll had a great time Jason.

    I haven't had the chance to fish much lately due to work and a little bit of travel. Last Sunday we had a chance to run out to the marsh though. Picked up 14 Trout, with a few throwbacks and a ton of White Trout released as well. The highlight was a 31 1/2 inch Red toward the end of the day.

    You and I are gonna have to hook up soon. Looking forward to taking you on the Champion so you can check her out, plus we'll head out to the marsh to chase some Reds and Specks. Soon as I get my upcoming schedule ironed out (it keeps changing) I'll give you a holler and we can see what we can do.

    Talk to ya soon.......
    ive heard so much about that place on here and have never been able to go i dont have the horsepower or boat to even try to get out there and dont know noone with a boat that could make it i saw a video of some guys wading at cat island in the fall tearin them specks up i want me a six or seven or more to get mounted to hang it up above the wall dividing my kitchen and living room and i think up your way will b the place that would b totally awesome and im flattered you ask to go w you just give me a yell when your ready and maybe i can show you a few of my techniqes and hunny holes here in back bay