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  • Young Man's first Deer. Do you remember yours?

    Well it is that time of year were we all start planting food plots, clearing lanes, and preparing for the season to come. I have to say i love this time of year but i also cant help but to think about the hunts from the past.
    This past November, I had a chance to take a special friend of mine hunting. You will have to see my post about our fishing trip to get a little history about him. He came to stay with me for a week during his Thanksgiving break. As luck would have it got warm and the wind was blowing every day. We had hunted for 4 days and seen a few deer every day but being the first time he was a little nervous and couldnt seem to get a good shot.
    I called up a good friend of mine and he told us to come to his place. We get there on our 5th day of hunting (the wed. before thanksgiving) and we sit in a nice box overlooking a wheat field. I was wanting this young man to kill his first deer just as bad as he was wanting to kill one. I had a video camera and couldnt wait. We sat until it was getting dark and as i was putting up the camera i noticed movement coming down the road. I told him to get ready and his heart rate shot through the roof and he started breathing hard. When he seen the deer come into the field i told him to take one when they turned broad sided. We picked the biggest one and he was watching in scope and shaking the whole stand. When she turned broadsided he squeezed the trigger. Nothing happen! He was so nervous he forgot to put gun on fire. We got a chuckle out of it and i told him to go on and shoot. He flipped to fire and took the shot.
    The deer broke and took off stumbling out of food plot. I was so excited for him. I went to shake his hand and he just hugged my neck with tears of joy in his eyes. (Of course i will admit i had them in mine too) It was an awesome hunt to see a young man that has over come alot of life's obstacles that has came his way. He was so excited and the whole family got to come to the camp and see him with his first kill. He later asked me why i had tears in my eyes but one i was so happy and we had worked hard for that one deer but i also remember the hunts shared with friends and family that has passed away. I dont believe any one forgets their first deer. I was lucky enough to share that memory with my dad.
    Sorry i have carried on about much of nothing but i think as we prepare for this hunting season we should all think about the impact that we can have. Take a young one fishing or hunting help show them the great outdoors. As we plan our hunting season take time to give someone the experience they may never have if you dont make it possible. I know that I will have this young man back this season. He has him a bow and he is now looking for his first bow kill.
    I tried to load picture but it will not let me. I will have to find the others and load one sorry!