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  • My new baby

    The newest addition to our happy little family!

    Hauled the new girl in from Houma last night.

    We launched after work this evening for an hour, just to get a feel for her......what an absolute dream! We had a 1 1/2ft chop with occasional 2 footers and she just slid right through 'em at 56mph with no effort. The old ProLine would've beaten us up pretty well at that speed.

    I have always wanted a 24ft Champion, but did not think I would ever have a nice one after they were bought out in 2009. It took a lot of saving, but I found her. I couldn't be any happier.

    If you see her out there, wave, holler, and say 'Hey' to me!

    Tight Lines and Safe Boating to all......
    Beautiful boat, Shooter! Champions were made to take the water, that's for sure.

    Let us know how the trips turn out!
    lucky guy
    Man you must b the absolute happiest man in the world you can go anywhere from here to the bahamas with that baby I just wish I had a buddy with a boat like that you can fish 5 spots before 9 am in that baby good luck and safe boating
    Well I have been so eat up with jeolosy that it took me this long to finally be able to say, congratulations! haha Seriously that looks like a fish catching machine.
    Gonna Try Her Out...
    Andy, Jason, Mike,

    Thanks guys! I'll be taking her out to the Marsh Saturday morning and see if I can initiate her with a little fish juice.

    I'll post afterward and let ya know how we did and how she performed.

    I'm still just as giddy as a little boy on Christmas morning.

    Good luck out there.

    Tight Lines and Safe Boating to All....
    gah you are going to absolutly breaker in
    well you get to try her out in the morning said the winds gonna b nasty out front im goin out to the ft bayou reef in the morning gonna try to have a lil fish fry round the first of oct with friends and family out on st martin bayou id offer you an invite somewhere round the last of september maybe first of october but anyway man tear them bigguns up oh yea with that hp. you can hit every bouy from bayou caddy to east beach ocean springs man your gonna love that boat and be safe its gonna get rough tommorow keep em' poppin
    Not too shabby
    It ended up being pretty nice out there Saturday Jason.

    Next weekend I have family coming out, and then I have a couple of weeks of travel with work. Maybe we can hook up at the end of August or early September. Would like to share tips, techniques and locations back and forth with ya.

    I'll shoot an email your way when I get back.