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  • Delta camps flooded out

    The flooding along the Mississippi River has pushed deer and other wildlife over the levees to higher ground. Here's what one user found when he went to check out his Washington County club.

    To share your own photos of the flooding, just make a comment in this thread.
    amazing photos. i've been seeing photos around the internet but not from camps.
    Another photo
    Yeah, SEU, it's sickening. I've been to Hackney's camp, and it was just beautiful. He said they'll have to replace the floor and pull out all the wall boards (which are cypress) on the first level to allow them to dry. Of course, insulation will have to be replaced.

    I found this photo on the Delta Council Web site ( and it really shows what wildlife are up against.

    Of course this is a great opportunity to nuke a bunch of hogs ....
    Ouch!!! Not good.