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  • The Drought is draining my pond

    Hey guys,

    I have a small(2 acre)pond that resembles a small canyon in topography. It was about 10-12 feet deep at it's highest but now is down to about 1-2 foot in the deepest spots..I run some cold water in it from the hose every day just for a little while to get some cool water flowing, but there is no rain in sight..

    I have a lot of big spotted bass and black bass as well as some catfish and loads of bream in here. I want to save the fish but it appears the pond is draining from a sandy bottom..? Only other way i can figure is to dig it up more with the backhoe..any suggestions on keeping the water IN? thanks
    The Drought is draining my pond
    I had a friend with a similar problem with his pond.He used some type of drilling mud or gel on his and it stopped the leak.
    What you need to do is find some bentonite clay. But in the short term you need water. Bentonite clay isn't going to put more water in the pond just help seal any leaks. Water hose or a well. Good luck.