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  • 2nd MS Forest Tom

    I couldn't get up that morning to go early so I slept in. When I got to the woods it was about 10 am. I found a good tree half way down the ridge and cleaned the base of the tree free of leaves.

    I turned on my Therma Cell and set up my make shift blind. Even though I don't believe in decoys on Forest Land, I had decied to put a decoy out 30 yards up the ridge from me. I was on a dim logging road in between some hardwoods and planted pines that were probabaly 15 years old. The vegetation underneath was thicker than I like, but I knew from previously working this bird he liked this thick ridge.

    After sitting there absolutely quiet for 30 minutes or so I heard him Gobble at about 120 yards away on top of the main ridge. As I shifted to line my gun barrell up in his direction he gobbled again on his on.

    I yelped 4 times on my Primos Heartbreaker Box call and then yelped 3 notes very softly with my mouth call.

    Within 2-3 minutes, I heard a bird drum at 5 o'clock down in the bottom. I knew what it was and I knew he was within 50-60 yards away. While trying not to move my head for fear of bumping him I held steady and just cut my eyes as far as I could to the right to see if I could see him.

    For the next 10-15 minutes I could hear a limb break from time to time as he moved just below the ridge. Finally he stepped out just 12 feet from my decoy. Immediately he alarm putted and turned away. By that time I had dropped the hammer down.

    After my shot, to my suprise, a turkey jumped up and flew away. I thought I had missed him. I jumped up and ran to my spot only to find a long beard dead as a hammer.

    After further investigation, I realized this was the lead bird and the other bird was behind him about 5 yards.

    This boss bird had been give the name 'Steven Segal'. Why you may ask? Because I knew he would be Hard To Kill', since I missed him on opening evening this year at 35 yards.

    In my mind he sent in his son to try the water out before he jumped in. The only problem is he didn't make it.

    Stevan Segal Jr. sported a 9 1/2' beard and 1' spurs. He weighed approximately 18 lbs.

    Stevan Segal lives on!