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  • Okhissa Lake, Mississippi

    Okhissa Lake, Mississippi
    Me and my boy made a trip to Lake Okhissa the other weekend and done well. We only caught about 13 bass but they were all nice ones. My boy caught his biggest fish he ever caught it was 6 lbs eaven. He caught a few more good fish one 4 lbs and one right at 4 lbs. Our 5 best fish went 18.9 lbs. We lost maybe 2 or 3 that would have went 4+ lbs and I lost one that was maybe 7 to 8 lbs. It was a good weekend for sure. Warm and full moon. We did go back this weekend but didn't do as good. Only caught a few bass.. The wind was so bad we couldn't fish the spots that we fished the weekend before. This is a few of the fish that my boy caught.
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    Great fish, and good report. i need to hit that lake!