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  • No turkey for you

    Went turkey hunting and came up plenty short again. Set up where I usually have them roosting but didn't hear a thing. Here a gobble a few times way off so I picked up and hightailed it that way. Sat down between a gobbler and at least two others. I am not real close to either.

    The one to my left shuts up first. I hear a hen or another hunter to my right. Turns out it was a hen. She came looking for the hen (me) that she heard. Got about 10 yards from me. Eventually she moves on.

    Now the gobbles I hear are further north. Did they move or is that new gobblers??? I think they moved.

    That is about it. I closed the distance and listened as they continued to move north. I circled way around and heard on more gobble right where I left them after I sat down about 20 minutes later. But that was the last of the turkeys.

    Saw plenty of deer. Probably around 20 although some may have been the same deer more than once. Even saw a fresh scrape.

    Johnny Wayne hunted the day before I did and he didn't even hear or see anything so that is a tiny bit of consolation.