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  • chilly or not fishin pulls out da smiles!

    Hope Everyone's (2011) New Year is getting off to a Great start!! Prob. been a lil chilly or down right cold!! Burrrr****!!!Good For hunting I guess, my hunting just not quiet productive enough... Makes me want to break out a much more productive weapon!! (dat right) Dat lil light tackle spin cast, Yea; don't sound like a killer but its deadly. We got a few new one's too ( from Santa) that have already proven worthy. They deadly I tell you.......they will catch a fish an a smile everytime..
    The Sullivan's were in from South Carolina. Mother and daughter crew just in for lil boating(sightseeing) trip. Really great first day on the water. We run out to Horn Island for a quiet tranquil few hrs. on the Island (its one of the most peaceful places on earth). Gave us a chance to try out the new boat curtains on the ride out.. (fabulous)
    The Pawelski crew from way up dare in Minn. and some local fisherpeeps did a couple light tackle 4hr. trips around the bridges an had some really good fish. The Main Catch were several 5 to 7lb sheepshead, fun I mean, a mighty fine meal also (very versatile fish). The Pawelski released several, but we cleaned 8 for 16 nice filets they brought over to Shaggy's. Where I hope they fixed'em up right? (let me know). Them sheepshead a few fine puppy drum, a red an a flounder brought back them smiles that I miss so much!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!
    Some bright sun shiny days in between them artic blast make for some fine days on the water...Just have to bundle up a lil..but worth it. Especially now its off season, we as hungry as the fish... THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!! So weather you do catch an release or keep a few to take to one the local restaurants (they can do it right). (or keep'em all) what ever makes you HAPPY!! Would really like to get offshore on a goodin too, if solo or got a couple that would like to jump in an go play with some tuna , wahoo an amberjack.... Holla, cause I'm sure next month I will have to go.....
    Get Your Team together an come on down here to S. Ms. an lets Knock off a lil rust together...... and lets keep the smiles a flowin....
    IT'S Time to pick the scores for the superbowl so send yours in by the contacts form on our web site or facebook (whipasnapacharters page)
    team plus final score for 400.00 WhipaSnapa dollars.. only 1 winner an 1st one in wins in case of tie. GOOD LUCK

    Capt Robert 'Earl' McDaniel