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  • Deer down

    Drove up to my hunting land in Mississippi for a two day hunt. 2 hour drive. The last hour was in the rain. Caught a break in the rain as I parked and headed out to a box blind on the powerline.

    Rained till about 7:45. At about 8:30 I saw 6 turkeys enter the powerline about 100 yards out. Watched them for a couple of hours. They went down the powerline towards coles creek and just sat there.

    About 8:30 I saw my first two deer as two small deer feed around by the turkeys (400 yards) for a while. Then a doe and two more yearlings comes out on the powerline and all five deer enter the woods and disappear.

    Not bad.

    Moved trail cam and ate lunch.

    Went to my powerline food plot stand. Tree lounge with ladder to get to it. Settled in.

    Saw a big bobcat cross the powerline about 150 yards out. It was limping and I wondered if someone had shot its foot off or something. If it came my way I would kill it if it looked like it would die from the wounds. But it just crossed way out and I never saw it again.

    About a 1/2 later I see a deer step out from my neighbors food plot which is in a clearing he made and not actually on the powerline. I see instantly that it is a buck. I get my gun out of the holder and get positioned. Two more deer step out behind it. They just stand there. The lead buck is looking either at me or my food plot.

    I wonder if it saw me moving. I am watching at 4x and he just stands there for minutes on end. Finally he turns around to head back. I crank up the power and can see his two friends a spike bucks.

    Instead of turning away they eventually start walking in my direction. The lead buck enters my food plot and is probably about 70 yards out. All three feed. I can see the lead buck is a 7 pt through the scope.

    I debate shooting him or not. He isn't very big. As he turns broadside I ponder. He gets nervous (probably just me) the crosshairs are on his shoulder and I wonder if I should shoot or pass. As I am pondering this I hear my rifle roar and the bucks run into the woods to the right. My buck is obviously hit.

    I wait a couple of minutes and get down to check for sign. Surely he is dead right inside the woods. I say a pray of hope and thanks.

    As I reach the end of the food plot I see good red blood on the ground and it looks to be spraying out to the side, not just dripping straight down. YES!! The blood trail enters the woods and I slowly quietly follow the easy to follow blood trail.

    Then my heart sinks. Up ahead is a thicket and I hear a deer bolt out of there. I stand there wondering. Maybe it was one of the spikes???

    Maybe I am stupid or maybe I am smart I don't know. Backing out crosses my mind. But the blood trail doesn't look like a gut shot or a leg shot. I decide to press on. Another 10 yards and I see him dead down in the creek. The one that ran off was one of the spikes. whew!

    He was smaller than I thought he was when I shot but still a 7 pt. Young. Took me forever just to get him out of the creek. Sides there are nearly vertical the last 6 feet.
    u got u one mike congrats'little ones more tender'