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  • Arrowed A Buck Today

    Well we got a ton of rain the last couple of days and that makes me happy as the food plots will surely put it to good use. Looked today and they are growing pretty good.

    Anyway back to the hunt. Got to the property this morning and headed out to the hayfield stand (which isn't actually in a hayfield just near it). It was pretty much already shooting light by only a couple few minutes as I sat down in the stand and nocked an arrow.

    At 6:30 I hadn't seen a thing. But at 6:31 I saw a buck feeding about 25 yards away from me. I ready my bow but he is quartering towards me so I wait. He is feeding very slowly. I can see his rack raising up and down as he feeds. Finally he turns and offers a shot. I put the yellow pin on his chest and release. He runs forward into the thicker stuff and stands there. I am not sure if I hit him or not. Finally I can tell it was a clean miss low.

    He is feeding again and this time is facing back where I originally shot. Shooting lane the left opening to the right. Either way I should get a shot again unless he goes straight away.

    He is feeding on grass I guess and it takes him about 5 minutes to move 1 yard further so I can get a shot. He finally steps forward and I draw and release. BAM. Solid hit. This time I shot him for 25 yards instead of 20.

    He turns and runs toward the shooting land and I see his antlers for a second and then nothing. He never crossed. I listen and listen. I hear something 80 yards away but could be anything. I wait some more afraid he is just bedded there and not yet dead.

    I wait 45 minutes and saw two does while waiting. They were south... the buck is north.

    I get down and walk towards where I last saw him and there he is dead 15 yards from where I shot him. That vortex did him in quick. Arrow hit opposite should square and didn't exit. Arrow pulled out halfway to where he died.

    Only a six or seven point depending on how strict you are. For the contest he goes down as a seven. This aint the boone and crockett club here. Laughing But the buck was massive. One of the biggest bodied deer I have ever killed. Must have weighed 200-220 pounds. Main beams are heavy and long... just doesn't have much on them.

    Drug him to the field... I will be feeling that tomorrow. Went and got the 3 wheeler. Tried to get him on the back for about 30 minutes. Finally just tied his head to the back rack and pulled him to the skinning spot.
    cool story thanks
    gotta love an easy recovery. Now to question that is on all of our minds.....3 wheeler?
    Yep, I check my bank account periodically and there is just never enough for that extra wheel. haha!

    It is a 1984 200 with REVERSE!!!

    We walk to and from stands. The only time an atv is used is when you are retrieving a deer. So I just can't justify the funds for something that is just a glorified dolly.

    AND since it only cost 200 dollars it can do something that no four wheeler can do! And that is stay up at my hunting land all deer season by itself. This saves me from having to buy a trailer and pull it up there ever time I go hunting. I would never leave a 4000 dollar atv out in the woods alone for 1/4 of the year! If my 3 wheeler gets stolen I am only out 200 bucks.
    lol, mike. I'm still amazed to see some guys using 3 wheelers. But they sure were nice and less expensive!