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    my quest to create new hunters was sucessful,phillip is 12 and chris is 14 neither had ever shot a rifle or deer hunted.started out i advertised for 2 kids that had never hunted before these 2 responded,met with parents told them i would teach them gun saftety and how to shoot,then set atime we could get together,both boys are very respectful and polite 'good parents' they were a joy to be around,,so fri nite before hunt i go to pick them up and tell them they wiil have to cut their cell phones off and phillip's mom didn'nt like that too much,but i told her we were going to hunting camp all phones off and they could call her when we got there and after hunt on sat and they could play cards or fri nite get to camp fix up a good fire and while i'm cooking burgers they learn to play cards by the fire and look at stars,get em in bed and let them watch tk and mike videos they loved that.sat morin up 4.45 fix bacon,eggs,bisquits get em ready to go.Now i teaching younger guys 18 TO 24 that i've taught to hunt to give back, so phillip is going hunting with ryan '22' and chris is going with chad'20' both are very experenced hunters,we have two box stands that are jus for women and kids for first half of season,so bout 8 am i hear a shot and phillip calls me tell sme to come with 4 wheeler,he had shot a good buck but made a bad shot on it,ryan videoed it but we never found it'he was so sad',,by this time it was almost lunch and my church guys was cooking and shooting skeets so carried them over there and taught how to shoot sheets,on way back to camp for afternoon hunt they both went to sleep,got to camp and they eat camp chili,the afternoon hunt i took phillip got half way to stand realized i had forgotten camera,we were running late got nearly stand and saw a doe looking right at us i told him to freeze and she finally trotted off,i said thats exciting he said i can't move'he had literally froze in place,got to stand then magic hour i saw a 3 deer coming way off 3 does he got up got ready but every time he get on her she would move,i don't know where the stand was shaking from me shaking so bad or him,finally she stopped he shot she ran offhe said did i get her i said i think so but it was too close to dark,so we went back to cabin he called his dad and he came down and we got the coleman lattern'it makes blood glow' went back and she was laying 10 yds in the woods he made perfect shot you never seen such high fives and smiles on two people,since then phillip has talked his grandad out of his 30-30 and his dad has taken him hunting'sucess',chris did'nt even see a deer but wants to kill one bad so were trying to get back together to try and get him one,spend some time with a young person you never know how much fun till you try
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    Great story!