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  • Great day in the deer woods...

    Spent a third weekend in the Mississippi deer woods and finally got a shot. The first weekend I had a close call with a 6 pt, last weekend nothing seemed to move, Friday morning at 7:57am four deer walked toward me from out in front of me, two racked bucks, a spike and a rusty red doe. I was able to stand up and ready my Oneida screaming eagle, yepp a dinosaur in the bow world. Anyway, after about three minutes the deer kept walking toward me feeding on water oak acorns and slowly spreading out. I couldn't count points because I was so excited and just wanted one of them to turn broadside. One racked buck walked out from behind a tree at the same time as the other racked buck turned broadside the opposite way. One deer was about two steps closer than the other so I centered the sight half way between the line of his back and the line at the bottom of his chest. I released the arrow and all hell let loose. The one I think I shot ran out of the bottom while the other two bucks jumped and ran about fifteen feet. There stood the second racked buck broadside at 25 yards, but I wasn't sure if my arrow hit it's mark. After a tense minute, the racked buck ran to my right, a few seconds later the spike ran back the direction he came from, then the doe took off. I waited a couple of minutes and climbed down to find my arrow and see if any sign of a hit existed. YES, blood everywhere and my arrow was close by covered in red! I waited a few more minutes and slowly walked over the ridge where the buck I shot at had run. I saw him laying motionless about thirty yards in the next bottom. I walked up on him with another arrow ready just in case, but he was down. The arrow had hit him center and exited low behind his opposite shoulder. All-in-all I think he was lived about 5 to 10 seconds after the arrow passed through him. I just changed from Thunderhead 125s to Schwackers... I have to thank Greg over at Outdoor Express in Boutte, La for replacing my popped bow string on Friday, October 1st. He took my bow at 12 noon and had it ready with a peep sight and release loop by 7pm that evening.

    This deer is dedicated to my friend who passed away on opening day several years ago due to an ATV accident. I miss my friend, Wayne C...

    Good hunting ya'll...
    way to go
    congrats thats a fine one fer sure
    really nice consultations