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  • state land and tree spikes

    I want to know if you hunt public land, and do you think its fair to not use tree spikes as a climbing aid,and what about screw in steps and bow hangers. I dont think that it is fair,let me know your opinion and what u think about it,thanks
    The only problem with using them is that i don't think you're supposed to leave stands in trees. I also think thhe rule is supposed to keep trees from getting damaged.

    But it would be nice. I hvae a climber with spikes on it that really holds in trees better than the dull blades but can't use it.
    spikes on stands and such
    I don't think it is unreasonable to not allow spikes on public lands. You can buy or make the arms for hanging stuff.

    I don't know what the law is on National Forest but I know some public lands you can't cut small limbs which is a bigger issue because there seems to always be one or two small linbs that need cutting to use a climbing stand.
    spikes on stands
    my ol'man doesn't have spikes and is hanging on a hickory tree on private land.the laws prevent damaging trees and leaving stands on trees overnight on WMAs and public lands like COE.this prevents me from hunting public land.i don't believe in damaging the trees but don't get living a climber,ground blind or ladder stand overnight.the permanent stands nailed to trees and are still left in the woods are not removed and should be on public land.overlooking,the stands that damage trees and restricting the ones that do not only shows what authority of big government does to the little[or old]guy.there are so many rules,regulations and restrictions on WMAs,i won't waste my time hunting them.