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  • Hunting with Corn or Rice Bran?

    Okay...I have a question. I wanted to know whether or not it is legal to hunt with feeders, corn and/or rice bran? I know that Louisiana and other states allow you to do so, but I wanted to see if any of yall knew the logistics of what's legal and not. Umm also what deer management zone is Tylertown, Mississippi in? I looked online and it seems to be in Zone 1.
    Redhead, it is now legal to hunt with feeders - but with a major caveat. You can't be in direct line of sight to the feeder.

    The pertinent regulations states it is legal to:

    To hunt within the vicinity of feed or a feeder: hunters must be both 100 yards away from, and not within the line of sight of feed or a feeder which contains feed.
    For the purpose of this regulation, within the line of sight means being hidden from view by natural vegetation or naturally occurring terrain features.
    Feeding sites may not be hunted for 10 days following complete removal of all feed.
    It is illegal to hunt any wild animal with the aid of feed .
    thank you for clean up my understanding of what's legal.
    i know if u r from not feed at all. they dont like la. boys that i know. feed only off season
    Corn Feeders
    I have a question about corn feeders. Can feeders be used that sling the corn out in all directions with the corn landing on the ground, or does the corn have to be contained off of the ground.
    more complications
    Feed may only be provided from above ground covered feeders or stationary spin cast feeders. Feed can not be placed directly on the ground.

    Feed is also regulated by date:
    Pelletized Feed:
    October 1 - November 30
    March 1 - June 30

    Corn or pelletized feed may be used July 1 - September 30 and again December 1 through all of February.

    Feeders may be placed no closer than 100 yards from any property boundary.

    Salt/mineral stations, blocks, and/or licks are now legal to hunt over.