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  • Bare Root Oak Saplings



    Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery has several types and sizes of oak trees remaining in stock for spring shipments.

    Sizes range from 9'-18' to 4'-5'
    Prices starting at $2.09 ea.
    Shipping charges are per order and start at $16.99

    Oak tree species remaining in inventory for spring 2022 shipments:

    Bimundors oak - 9' to 18' (limited quantities remaining)
    Northern Red x Shumard oak hybrids
    Nuttall oak - 10' to 20' (limited quantities remaining)
    Overcup oaks
    Sawtooth oak
    Early Drop Sawtooth oak
    Shumard Oak - 20' to 36' (limited quantities remaining)
    Water oaks
    White oak
    White x English oak hybrid - (limited quantities remaining)
    Willow oak

    For more information or to order, visit

    Posted By Wildlife Heritage Tree Nursery Site Sponsor